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RioDubai is the top company in bakery equipment and supplies. We are located in the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. We are the largest distributor in the Gulf region of internationally manufactured industrial bakery equipment and kitchen equipment. Bakery equipment and supplies include all the material required for commercial kitchens and bakeries. RioDubai is the best Bakery Equipment Dealer in Dubai, We customise and manufacture industrial stainless steel bakery equipment and kitchen equipment. We have fitted over a one hundred small and industrial bakeries all over the UAE. We also manufacture industrial kitchen equipment according to customers demand to start from stainless steel tables to industrial refrigerators.

Bakery equipment like as bake ware, cutlery, cookware, pastry decorating equipment, kitchen equipment and much more. Bakery equipment also includes Ovens and Dough mixers. Bakery supplies include baking ingredients that are used in making pastries, bread and much more. Bakery supplies are useful for bakers, home bakers, bakery shops, industrial bakeries and in-store bakeries.

Now, RioDubai provides a complete range of Dough bakery equipment, bakery machinery, mixers and supplies in UAE. Riodubai is a best Bakery Equipment Dealer in Dubai, Dough Mixers has expertise in bakery mixers with two ranges of removable Dough mixers with lifters, a series of two lines of planetary mixers and self-tilting mixers. Main products lines of Dough Mixers are Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixers, Planetary Mixers, Spiral Mixers with Removable Bowl, Bottom Discharge Spiral Mixers.

RioDubai introduced world’s leading Dough mixers for commercial and industrial bakeries. Dough mixers have a wide range of planetary mixers to vertical spiral mixers, high quality for a complete solution for high-quality dough mixing demands. Ranging from 50 kg to 1200 kg capacity, we are here to serve the demand of your baking requirements. RioDubai also provides after the sale, repair, services and maintenance and bakery equipment spare parts in UAE. Dough Mixers specialises in the production of mixing bakery machinery for the bread, cake and pastry-making sectors. Over the years we have gained specialised knowledge that has allowed us to develop machines and solutions to meet the needs of different types of markets and the variety of clients.

Today RioDubai provides a complete range, with numerous models enhanced by an extensive list of accessories capable of covering all the needs of both artisans and industry. Moreover, our machines are renowned for their accurate finishes, durability, sturdiness and for the quality of the dough they produce.


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